Building Brands and Brand Nations: What is a brand nation?

Nike, Coke, BMW, Apple all have legions of followers. Addidas, Pepsi, Lexus, and Dell do too, but there’s a difference.

Any one of us can readily recall what the first group of brands mean to their loyalists. The second group are great brands too, but their messages aren’t as strong, as unique or as clear, and the followers of the second set of brands aren’t as easy to define or distinguish.

A strong brand message guides your brand securely into the lives of it’s customers. It creates meaning. A strong brand message builds loyalists and evangelists—it builds your brand nation.

Whether you’re a large or small company, make sure you have a reason for being—a soul, a meaningful reason someone might follow you to the ends of the earth, rely on you for your expertise and consider your opinion valuable.

Your message should be clear and compelling so that your customers understand your product is in sync with their values, their outlook, their reason for being, their ethos.  It’s all about connecting with what makes them tick and their belief system. You understand them. You “get” them. You become part of their life.

Because your brand has become meaningful, you’ll be at the top of their mind in your category when they have a buying decision to make.

And you’ll be building your own brand nation of loyalists.

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Building Brands and Brand Nations: A Series. What is a brand?

Why do we talk about branding so much?
What does it really mean for your business?
Your brand is not simply a logo. Or a name. Or a web site.
Your brand is an entire identity.
Simply put, your brand is how people think about you.
Your brand helps you become an integral part of people’s lives.

Your brand helps define who you are in the environment in which you exist—in your community, your region, or on the web.

Your best brand research—that is, learning how people think about you and differentiate you from your competition—will come from your current customers.

But that’s just the beginning, because you’ve also got to be able to interpret that information in a fresh and transformative way for your branding to be effective.
When your message is too familiar, you’ll be confused with your competitors.

When your branding is done right, your brand will help your customers understand that you “get them”, and that you are a perfect fit.

It’s how you begin building your brand—and your brand nation of loyalists and evangelists.

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Places that inspire. A Constitutional in Philadelphia

The University of the Arts, Pine and Broad Street, Philadelphia.

Wanamaker's Large Hall, Philadelphia

Yuengling BeerA Portico Near Rittenhouse SquarePhiladelphia's Italian Market at dusk.

Redding Market Hoagie, PhiladelphiaA project recently brought me close enough to my alma mater in Philadelphia
to make a side trip.  The trip was extended by several winter storms of historical
magnitude, allowing a lengthened odyssey of DADA art, medical monstrosities,
colossal columns, mirrored cities, an art heist, great beer and fine dining
—mostly in the form of cheese steaks.  Much more later.

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