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Here’s a new blog post for 071319

We’re testing an update. Here’s a new blog post for 071319.

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Places That Inspire: Save the Historic Mid-Century Modern Terrace Theatre PART II

The Friends of the Historic Terrace Theatre is taking legal action to save the Terrace Theatre, the one-of-a-kind 1951 Space Age Movie Palace located just ten minutes outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Everyone deserves to experience the grandeur of the Terrace Theatre … Continue reading

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Places That Inspire: Save the Historic Mid Century Modern Terrace Theatre PART 1

They paved paradise. And put up a parking lot. — Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi Photos of the Terrace Theater, circa 1960,  from the Robbinsdale Historical Society. The Terrace Theater has stood idle, it’s windows and doors covered with plywood and interior gutted since … Continue reading

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SEO: Help! I can’t find what I want on Google search.

The truth? As much as SEO (search engine optimization) services promise results, and as pretty a picture of online business success is painted, most businesses find it’s not easy getting found in a search. First of all it takes one to … Continue reading

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A Film Review: Headless

A Film Review by Jay F. Miller. “You guys are pretty religious, huh?” Headless is a terror-suspense thriller by writer/director Toby Lawrence. Not a splatter opera. Instead, a good-looking terror-suspense film that’s ominous, compelling and occasionally funny with a well-acted … Continue reading

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Ideas that inspire: 100 Years After the Riotous Rite of Spring

I’ll admit. I’m obsessed with Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.  If you know the Disney movie Fantasia you know the music. It’s the one with the scary dinosaurs. This music may well be imprinted into my lizard brain. As kids we’d dance to it in … Continue reading

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Ideas That Inspire: Paul Rand on Singular Solutions.

Paul Rand’s essay on “The Politics of Design”. In this excerpt, Rand explains why presenting many solutions to a problem leads to waste and confusion. Graphic designer Paul Rand created classic logos and striking book covers during his career. Steve Jobs talked about working with Paul Rand in 1993. … Continue reading

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SEO: The Truth About Search Engines, Google and Your Web Site.

Who are we to believe about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and page rank? Below is a link to an article that really explains the nuts and bolts of search and does a very good job of demystifying Google logic and its’ … Continue reading

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Places That Inspire. “1968” at The Oakland Museum of CA.

“The 1968 Exhibit” is a blend of light pop culture—Mad Men style—that includes Jane Fonda’s Barbarella, the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, TV’s Bewitched, Family Affair and Star Trek, Op art, macramé, trippy music, and Kodak Flashcube cameras, contrasted with the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King … Continue reading

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Places that Inspire. Dirty Frank’s.

Dirty Frank’s Bar is a great place to stumble into. You’ll find it on Pine and 13th, near Broad Street in Philadelphia. It’s one of those friendly and unpretentious places, like your favorite neighborhood bar right next door. Dirty Frank’s Bar, 347 Pine Street, … Continue reading

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