Places that Inspire. Dirty Frank’s.

Dirty Frank’s Bar is a great place to stumble into. You’ll find it on Pine and 13th, near Broad Street in Philadelphia. It’s one of those friendly and unpretentious places, like your favorite neighborhood bar right next door.

Pine and Broad neighborhood in Philadelphia.

Lots of art students live in the neighborhood. In fact everybody lives here.

Vestibule art seen through a door window, Pine Street, Philadelphia.

It's a pretty old part of Philadelphia.

People have lived near Broad and Pine in Philadelphia for a long time.

Dirty Frank's got pictures on the outside now.

They're all regular customers.

Entry Dirty Frank's.

Cool Bartender.


Bar decor.

Art on the walls. Winter 2011.

Comfort at Dirty rank's.

Unisex bathroom sign.

Batman pinball machine

a Mural of The Pirates and an old architect.

Dirty Frank’s Bar, 347 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102,  215.732.5010

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