Building Brand Nations with Social Media. Principle #2.

When I saw this, I thought of you.”

I try to use this phrase as a guide when I’m creating social media posts.
If I can honestly preface my post with this phrase, I feel I just might have created a post of some value.

Social Media is simply about conversation and creating community.
It’s generous. It encourages sharing thoughts and an openness in communication.

When you’re thinking about what to post in your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or blog, think about what posts you’ve found valuable. Ask yourself what kind of information you’ve found helpful and appealing.

Valuable information is generous and thoughtful.
It has a clear point of view.
It respects the viewer’s time by being concise and getting on with it.
It is provocative. It offers insights that makes one think about the topic in more interesting ways.
It encourages dialog, interaction and comments.

“Here’s something I thought you might be interested in.”
Be thoughtful, selfless and other-directed.
Create conversation. Comment. Re-tweet. Share links. Share others’ great ideas. Give them credit for those ideas.

And just what is the secret behind social media that is generous?
Your interest in others will create interest in you.

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