Building Brands and Brand Nations: Becoming Believable. Part 2

The first part of this series is about the importance of your customer’s beliefs.
This second part of the series discusses the role of belief in building brand nations.

Building brands is about creating belief and meaning. Building brands is about intersecting your brand with your customer’s beliefs. You create meaning by connecting your brand with your customer’s beliefs.

Respectful intersections like these are hard to come by. We’ve all experienced hollow, exploitive and superficial messages that, while executed professionally, seem more about a company’s desperate self-interest then a sincere desire to offer true value. Like a singles’ bar come-on line, the message seems disingenuous. The message loses credibility.

On the other hand, done thoughtfully and with repsect for a customer’s beliefs, an elegant intersection between your brand and a customer’s belief can lead to effective communication that has great legs and can be translated into many mediums so that the message takes on whole new facets and creates even deeper meaning for it’s viewers.

Intersect your brand with a prospects’ belief in a respectful way. When done well with care and sensitivity this intersection can help realize your product’s true meaning and communicate it’s value respectfully to your customer. And with this, your brand becomes believable.

Becoming believable is an important aspect of building brands and brand nations for big businesses, for small businesses—for your business.

This is the second of two parts.  The first part examines how important belief and meaning is to our lives, while this second post is about what belief means to your brand.

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