Building Brands and Brand Nations: Falling in love. Part 1.

LoveMarks, by Kevin RobertsYou’ll never argue yourself into someone’s heart.

Intellectual arguments alone have rarely proven to be compelling communication strategy. Relying on them can be a complacent and (dare I say) lazy and ineffective tactic.

Now more than ever, you must create a brand that people can love.

That’s the powerful message of Lovemarks, The Future Beyond Brands and The ¬†Lovemarks’ Effect, two books by Kevin Roberts CEO of Worldwide Saatchi and Saatchi. The first book appeared ten years ago and its’ principles have proven a relevant as ever. Lovemarks has become a website, a phenomenon, and a brand nation itself.

It’s about transforming a brand into something consumers love.
And that’s exactly how you build brand nations.

To do this, you must capture your customers imagination. You must engage your customer’s right brain with your brand. It’s the most effective way to build your brand.
And in fact, it’s what your customer expects.

A tall order? Yes. Does it take expertise? It takes thinking in highly creative and divergent ways to make a lovemark that inspires and intersects your brand with your customer’s world.

And whether your business is large or small, it’s this kind of creative thinking that will be your business’s true marketing advantage.

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