Building Brands and Brand Nations. Demystifying SEO, Part 1.

At first glance, the mysteries of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seem insurmountable—so much so that it’s proven a gold mine for those who choose to call themselves social media consultants.

But there’s an easy way to think about SEO. Search Engine Optimization simply helps your prospects find you so that you can be part of their consideration set.

When a person makes an inquiry for your product category, you want to be found. You want to be ready with expert information and guidance when they’re in the mood to buy.

Fortunately Google’s search engine algorithms are constantly being refined to enable their users to find the most valuable and relevant content. This means that having valuable content on your website is the most important element in developing effective SEO.

Content is king. Effective SEO will follow naturally if you’re honestly thinking of your customer first, and it’s clear you care that they have all the information they need to make a fair market decision.

In part 2, we’ll talk more about SEO. But soon we’ll realize SEO only goes so far. Once your prospects find you, how do you become memorable? How do you stand out from the stiff competition on the web? That’s the difference between Branding and SEO, and it’s why we need both.


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